Welcome! You are here because you understand the value of visual content to attract attention and project the right image of your business. So do we, and that is why our team of skilled logo designers are here to help you create striking visual designs that capture the essence of your business and communicate the message that you want to convey.

When you look around, you will find examples of good and bad logo design. It seems like such a minor thing to some people, but a logo can be everything. Take Coca Cola, Nike and Apple as prime examples. Their logos are a stamp of quality, and are at the forefront of every campaign to increase brand awareness. Sometimes just seeing the logo can drive a customer to purchase.

Particularly in today’s digital world, a logo can be a way of spreading brand identity quickly, through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for example. Accompany your logo with the right content and that’s one way to get people talking about your business, making you instantly recognisable.

This is why having the right graphic designer to understand your business and the image you wish to project is so crucial. We talk to you about your requirements and ensure we understand your business aims before we begin to create.

The creation process involves the use of color, images, text, typography and symbols, blended in the right way to promote your company values and identity. Our professionals ensure consistency with your existing identity and aim to create a unified approach to your overall visual image.

Remember, your logo will be seen on:

  • Business cards
  • Leaflets
  • Your shop sign
  • Digital communications
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional items, such as hats, pens and tote bags

In order to get you started, we offer three logo design packages – a starter package which offers basic logo design concept, high-resolution image, and one revision. Our most popular package is the Silver package, which for just $67, enables you to get two different logo concepts to choose from and logo transparency so you can put it on whichever background it needs to go on, as well as 3 revisions and the vector file. Finally, if you want to go for our top level of service, you can purchase the Gold package. This will allow you to have 5 logo concepts to choose from and unlimited revisions for just $147.

Ready to get started? You can view our services packages here.